Self Healing 101

Empower yourself. Feel great!

In 4 weeks, learn how to:

  • Meditate with easy-to-use visualization techniques
  • Feel centered and focused
  • Release negative energy
  • Protect yourself from foreign energy
  • Replenish yourself with positive energy
  • Nourish and cleanse your body
  • Change limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Choose how you want to feel, regardless of your surroundings or the people around you
  • Have energetically clean interactions with others
  • Meet your Healing Master and receive healings whenever you want on whatever you want
  • Connect and communicate with ‘Source’

2022 Class Dates:

Course Logistics:

  • All classes are taught over the phone
  • Each class lasts ~1 hour, 30 minutes
  • The first class of the 4-week course is FREE! Register above to check it out
  • Tuition for the full 4-week course is $100. You can pay online here.

Students who enroll in the Self Healing 101 course receive a free Undergraduate Student Reading as a part of their tuition.

Healing & Manifesting 102

Be the master of your own life.

In 4 weeks, learn how to:

  • Be present all of the time
  • Use a psychic gauge for assessing yourself truthfully
  • Release the fear and judgements that hold you back
  • Heal physical ailments while clearing the correlating spiritual aspects of the problem
  • Remove energetic cords and attachments
  • Give aura and chakra healings to yourself and others
  • Harmonize your endocrine and nervous systems
  • Be a manifesting magnet
  • Ask for what you want and receive it with ease, grace, and abundance
  • Have fun and amusement while healing and growing

2022 Class Dates:

  • January 4th – January 25th, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • February 5th – February 26th, Saturdays at 11am MT
  • March 3rd – March 24th, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • March 29th – April 19th, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • April 30th – May 21st, Saturdays at 11am MT
  • June 2nd – June 23rd, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • July 5th – July 26th, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • August 8th – August 27th, Saturdays at 11am MT
  • September 8th – September 29th, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • October 4th – October 25th, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • November 5th – December 3rd, Saturdays at 11am MT (No class on November 26th)

Course Logistics:

  • All classes are taught over the phone
  • Each class lasts ~2 hours
  • Tuition: $100
  • Prerequisite: Self Healing 101
  • Email us to register.

Energy Awareness 103

Build your intuition. Find answers.

In this 4-week course, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the spiritual essence within you and others
  • Tune into your own truth and wisdom
  • Develop your imagination
  • Expand your creativity
  • Gain neutrality and certainty
  • Discern the difference between your energy and foreign energy
  • Access past lives
  • Understand karma and life lessons
  • Recognize the layers of the aura
  • Interpret colors and energetic patterns
  • Release your judgements
  • Get real and self-evaluate
  • Determine your next steps with confidence
  • Strengthen your ability to talk about and describe the intricate and multi-dimensional nature of spirit

2022 Class Dates:

  • January 6th – January 27th, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • February 1st – February 22nd, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • March 5th – March 26th, Saturdays at 11am MT
  • March 31st – April 21st, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • April 26th – March 17th, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • June 4th – June 25th, Saturdays at 11am MT
  • July 7th – July 28th, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • August 2nd – August 23rd, Tuesdays at 6pm MT
  • September 10th – October 1st, Saturdays at 11am MT
  • October 6th – October 27th, Thursdays at 6pm MT
  • November 1st – November 29th, Tuesdays at 6pm MT (No class on November 22nd)

Course Logistics:

  • All classes are taught over the phone
  • Each class lasts ~2 hours
  • Tuition: $100 ($50 if taken concurrently with Healing & Manifesting 102)
  • Pre- or Co-requisite: Healing & Manifesting 102
  • Email us to register.

The Enlightenment Program

Clairvoyant Training for a Brighter & Lighter You

In this year-long program, you will learn how to:

  • Discover your life purpose
  • Make decisions with ease and clarity
  • Perform various healing techniques
  • Access your akashic records
  • Communicate with spirits, angels, and guides
  • Build your spiritual body and traverse the astral plane
  • Have consciousness and command in your dreams
  • Release pain from the etheric bodies
  • Run your kundalini and use it to heal your body
  • Break karmic agreements and live in freedom
  • Release judgement and have permission to be yourself in every moment
  • Apply your psychic tools to everyday situations
  • Heal your life

Phone Program Logistics

  • Class: Mondays 6–7:30pm MT
  • Practica: Tuesday 6–7:45pm MT & Saturdays 11am–12:45pm MT
    Minimum requirement of 2 practica per month
  • Prerequisite: Energy Awareness 103
  • Tuition: $225/month or $200/month via autopay
  • Start Dates: First Monday of every month

Upcoming Enlightenment Class Topics

January 2022

  • Money & Mock-Ups
  • Creative Rings
  • Healing vs. Fixing
  • Reading Workshop: Center Chair
  • Validation

February 2022

  • Love
  • Erasure #1
  • Erasure #2
  • Harmonizing with Planet Earth

March 2022

  • Communication
  • Your Body’s Male or Female Energy
  • Your Spirit’s Male & Female Energy
  • Affinity & Your 4th Chakra

** Enlightenment graduates can retake any class for $25 and can attend Erasure classes for free.

**Erasure classes will not be recorded and must be attended live.