Mental fog? Dazed and confused? Trouble thinking clearly? Just can’t “see” straight?

From a psychic perspective, there is an explanation for this. When your head is feeling fuzzy, that can be the effect of negative energy in your space.

What do we mean by this? Well, think of the inside of your head as a fishbowl. If the water in that fishbowl hasn’t been changed in awhile and the water gets stagnant and murky, the fishbowl will be hard to see through. And vice versa: if you regularly clean out that fishbowl when it needs it, the water will be crystal clear and translucent.

It’s the same with energy. Just like with the fishbowl, if negative energy starts building up inside your head, it can make things stagnant and murky. This can cloud your thinking and also the way you see the world around you.

Another way to say this is that ideally, the space inside your head is occupied by you, and you alone. When the energy is clear and translucent, it’s your energy and you will interact with the world from your own spiritual truth. The thoughts running through your head will be your thoughts, not the thoughts of others. The way you perceive a situation will be filtered through your truth, not tainted by other people’s judgements. So if you’re feeling mentally unclear, it’s because literally, you have other people in your head attempting to influence you.

So, where does this negative energy come from, anyway? Well, lots of places.

For instance, perhaps a friend has been tapping their foot, waiting for you to return their phone call. Maybe your fiancé wishes you’d hurry up and propose to them already. Perhaps your boss thinks you should have submitted that proposal a few yesterdays ago. Seemingly every article you read tells you of a new way that you should be changing your diet and exercise regime. Not to mention how societal programming blasts you from every billboard, radio station, and internet ad with advertising around how you “should” look, feel, and behave.

With all of these foreign energies pulling on you every which way, no WONDER you may not be thinking clearly! That’s enough to muddy up ANY fishbowl!

There can be a LOT of energies—that are not your own—that can invade the inside of your own head. These foreign energies can come in many different forms and flavors, and can compromise your mental clarity and get in the way of you seeing the world through the bright, clear lens of your own truth.

So, the next time you have brain fog or are feeling dazed and confused, consider taking a moment to clean out your head and reset your mental space. Can you imagine how different your life would be if your head was always clear? How would that change your interactions with others? How would that change your view of yourself? How might that change how you treat your body, the people around you, your environment, and the choices you make in your life?

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