Person holding coffee cup that says "The Adventure Begins."

Every day, you have the choice to get out of bed or press your snooze button. You decide what you want for breakfast, if you want breakfast. You decide to drink water or coffee (or both). All these choices add up, of course, to give you the story of your day. They’re something you can chat about with your loved one at home or – if you’re like me – write about in a blog.

Similarly, when we make BIG choices, those choices can start to shape the story of our year – or even our life. The choice to marry your best friend, the choice to quit that toxic work environment, the choice to leave an abusive relationship, the choice to stand up for yourself for the first time. All these choices, to me, are magical. They have courage in them. Each choice (and each person making each choice) is filled with trust. There’s trust that everything will be OK. There’s trust in the choice itself and trust in the choice-maker.

When I look at this trust, I see the vibration of “ease.” The confidence in the decision plus the trust-in-self combine to create a vibration that looks – energetically – like that person could do anything. It’s freeing! It’s open.

And it occurred to me this week that this vibration of ease can only really exist in moments where we choose courage. It can only happen in times when we need to pick ourselves up and believe in ourselves. I realized, despite the word similarities, that the vibration of ease is not easy.

It has nothing to do with walking an easy path – where an autopilot could navigate for you. The vibration of “ease” requires growth. It requires you to reach into yourself and find a piece of you that you didn’t know existed. Before you can even experience “ease” you have to be willing to let go of everything that you knew and let it fall away…

Life can be seen as a series of choices. Do you want to go the easy way? Or do you want to experience ease?

My hope for you is a courageous and powerful ease.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

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