Man with his hand on his chin wondering: "What happened to my healing?"

There’s a funny spiritual phenomenon that can happen after an energy healing. Why is it that when you clear your mother’s energy out of your energetic space, she calls you 5 minutes later? Why is it that when you clear negativity out of your space, you find yourself in an argument with a loved one that same evening?

Many people wonder…

Did the healing work?
Did the healing make this situation worse?
Did the healer or myself do something wrong?

Let’s break it down in an example.

Let’s say you’ve been dealing with “negativity” for a long time and it’s been taking a toll on you and your way of living. You’ve been dealing with chronic negative thoughts, a poor self image, and you tend to limit your potential in general. Because of this, you decide to go to your favorite healer, and you ask them to help you release any blocks that cause negativity within yourself and your life.

From here, the healer may sit you down and inform you of how negativity is created –– by allowing other people’s energy to co-mingle in your energetic field. Then the healer might suggest that you work on psychic protection so that you can avoid a co-mingling of your energy with other people’s energy in your energetic field. From there, you might learn a psychic tool or two to assist you in moving forward. After that, the healer works on you, and helps you release energies that cause negativity from your heart, your head, or some other place you may have been storing it in your body.

After the energy healing is over, you may feel good. Maybe you feel lighter and at peace as you make your way home. But once you get home, something random happens, and you end up in a big argument with your roommate or significant other. wtf.

This is actually a very good sign that you received a healing. It shows that you had such a strong intention to release blocks around negativity, that you put yourself into a growth period or a temporary period of time where you are growing and detoxing spiritually –– in this case, you’re detoxing around the topic of negativity. Whatever is getting in your way spiritually becomes clear and active. And now you have the opportunity to release it or prevent negativity in a new way.

In this situation, because you are having the experience of an argument, you are gaining more clarity about how you accrued negativity in the first place. Perhaps you tend to argue with your roommate or your significant other on a routine basis, and you finally realize how you’ve been co-mingling your energy and allowing it to control you. By gaining clarity, you are more likely to make choices or take different actions based on this new information. In this case, maybe your new action involves integrating psychic protection, learning how to communicate in a non-violent way, making boundaries, seeking relationship support, or walking away from that relationship in general.

Although going through a growth period or spiritual detox is uncomfortable, if you ride the wave of this challenge, you can come out of the experience with more clarity, more freedom, and more empowerment. Essentially, you expand into a newer version of yourself that is much less susceptible to negativity. Not only did you integrate how to protect yourself energetically and avoid co-mingling, you may learn new relationship skills to avoid co-mingling in the first place.

This phenomenon is a sign that you didn’t just go to a healer and put a band-aid on your problem, but that you are resolving this block, this issue, or this limitation on a deep level –– Now that’s a healing!

In many cases, you can receive an energy healing and feel instant relief. However, not every energy healing will give you that experience. It is just as common to feel worse after an energy healing as it as to feel better. Just in case this happens to you and things take a turn towards being more challenging, instead of invalidating the healing, recognize that you are healing something on a deeper level — giving you the opportunity to grow into a new version of yourself.

In these moments, I focus on the newer version of myself, rather than the discomfort. I focus on the clarity instead of the challenges. I focus on giving to myself, loving myself, and nurturing myself. I focus on gratitude and the real change I am creating within myself, knowing that it’s better to go through a temporary period of discomfort, rather than carry these old patterns for the rest of my life (or lifetimes).


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

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