Thumbs up facing a mirror where the reflection is a thumbs down.

What constitutes a lack of self worth?

Maybe you’ve had some experiences that hammered away at who you are and your value. Maybe you had a lifetime of imprisonment for an offense that you were actually innocent for. Maybe in that lifetime you were unable to prove yourself and you had to subscribe to the community belief that you were a bad person, deserving of punishment.

There are many experiences we can have in this lifetime and in concurrent lifetimes that might harm our self worth. We’ve experienced outside circumstances that hurt us, judge us, punish us, belittle us, and ultimately devalue who we think we are.

It’s obvious that bad things can happen to us, and they can take a toll on our own value — but I’m interested in the root cause, which is you.

Like I mentioned, bad things can happen, and people can perceive us in certain ways throughout those experiences. Maybe after you survive a fire, your skin becomes deformed, and you are perceived as ugly by society. Or maybe you are starving, steal from a market, get caught, and then are perceived as a greedy thief by the authorities.

A lack of self worth occurs when the outside perception of you wins. Suddenly, everyone else’s perception of you is now your reality, and you believe it. Your perception of yourself, your knowingness of yourself, isn’t trusted, acknowledged, or respected.

How can we avoid this pattern?

It starts with seeing yourself. It starts with knowing yourself. It starts with trusting that what you know about yourself, and what you see about yourself is true. It’s about valuing your own perception of yourself over other’s perception of you.

It’s about having the discernment that when someone is hurting you, resisting you, judging you, punishing you, and belittling you, it might be because it’s a poor and weak attempt at hiding from themselves. Perhaps they are hiding from that part of themselves that can’t receive you in some way. Or perhaps they are hiding from a part of themselves that can’t have the quality that you are radiating. Maybe they can’t accept your beauty, they can’t accept your amazingness, they can’t accept your wisdom, your clarity, or whatever it may be! Perhaps it is a reflection of their own lack of self worth, and their attempt at feeling bigger and better by seeing you struggle, fail, hurt, or suffer.

This is why it is so important, in healing a lack of self worth, to develop a new pattern of self validation. Even if everyone in your world told you that you were amazing, and you believed them, you would still be perpetuating the root cause of lack of self worth, because you are still depending on the outside perception of yourself over your own.

It starts with you. To break the cycle, you must learn to see yourself –– beyond the old stories. You must learn to know yourself –– beyond your mistakes. You must learn to validate yourself, regardless of what the outside world is reflecting to you. Your perception of yourself, must matter most.

And if you think of yourself as a bad person, unworthy, undeserving, then chances are, you do not see yourself. Chances are, you do not know yourself. Chances are, you do not trust yourself. Because you are amazing. You are brilliant.

You are amazing simply because you exist. You are brilliant simply because you are experiencing a life on Earth. What makes you amazing is so simple. Just by existing, just by being aware, you are freaking amazing! And you deserve everything your heart desires.

So practice being worthy. Practice being of value. Practice seeing yourself. Practice knowing yourself. Practice trusting and validating yourself. Practice loving yourself. Self worth starts with you! Stop looking for your value through other people and the outside world. BE YOU, which is amazing.


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

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