2 hands hold 2 different petri dishes toward the light. One has red and orange splotches, the other is clear orange.

What would it be like to be miniaturized and wade around in a petri-dish from a mad scientist’s laboratory? You’d be surrounded by gunk. It’d smell funny, you’d probably turn your nose up or make disgusting faces. You’d definitely be uncomfortable — probably looking for any way out or feeling like you’re drowning in a vat of nastiness with no escape.

If you haven’t stopped reading already to go puke in the nearest trash bin, I’ve got some news for you. Most people are walking around in this type of nastiness every day. Seriously.

See, we have these things called auras. They’re egg-shaped energy orbs that surround our bodies. They give us our personal space, protect us from energetic harm, and can even encourage healing, growth, and clarity in our lives! But they only do this when they’re energetically clean.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are walking around with gunk in our auras. Because these auras surround us at all times — no matter where we are — if they’re gunky, it gets really hard to stay in tune with all those nice/healing vibrations.

This gunk can be caused by a lot of different things. For the most part, though, it comes from other people:  their hopes for us, expectations, judgments, beliefs, jealousy, you name it.  The way most of us start to tune into the energies in our auras is through thoughts or feelings.  This gunk can have you believe that you’re doing everything wrong, that you’re not on the right path, that you’re not where you’re supposed to be; that you should feel bad/mad/guilty/sad for some reason (or for no reason at all!).  This gunk tells you that you need to conform to others’ beliefs of how your life should be. It doesn’t help you grow. In fact, it often hinders growth — like a parasite in a petri dish.

Most of us aren’t taught what to do with that ick, so instead of shifting the energy or changing it, we’re forced to make do. Just go with it. Eventually, because we’re surrounded, we give up. We start to believe the nasty things in our aura are truly ours.  We believe they’re our negative thoughts, our beliefs, our self-doubt, etc.  What we don’t realize is — they’re not! And there is an antidote.

That antidote is awareness. As you go about your day, if/when you run into a negative thought or an overwhelming feeling (especially one that would make you feel sad or bad about yourself), I encourage you to step into a place of curiosity and ask: “Is that really, truly mine?”

Just acknowledging that the thought or emotion could be coming from an icky expectation in your space rather than your truth can start shift the energy in your aura immediately.  If you want to level up, you could even imagine replacing that expectation energy with something completely different. Imagine your aura as your personal petri-dish. What do you want to grow in it?

Blog written with love (and an aura bubble full of clarity) by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

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