Glass mug full of caramel-colored tea. White flowers resting next to the mug.

When you think about abundance, do you associate it with money? Abundance isn’t just about receiving large amounts of cash in your hand, it’s about receiving unlimited amounts of anything! To expect your abundance to come to you via money is just limiting your abundance!

When I recently started to go through an increase in expenses, the first thing I felt was fear. Can I take care of myself? How will I manifest the extra money to pay for these expenses? I could observe thoughts and feelings bubbling up. I experienced “stories” that said I would have to work hard and work more. Not only that, I could feel this huge resistance to working in general. The “stories” that surfaced would say that my body couldn’t handle more work or that I wouldn’t enjoy the work I was doing. As I observed these thoughts I could feel my heart and my energy close down. These were the exact stories that limited me from allowing infinite and everlasting flow of abundance into my life.

From there, I made a choice. Instead of letting this intimidating cycle of higher expenses freak me out and shut me down, which would contribute to more financial turmoil, I chose something different: to stay open, to stay certain, to stay joyful, and to keep my heart open to all the possibilities. I chose to trust myself and maintain my knowingness that abundance is unlimited, and I can receive both financial abundance and anything else that would support me during this transition. And that’s when the magic started to happen! Not only did I quadruple my clientele the next week, but I noticed my life became sprinkled with surprising moments of abundance in other ways.

One of my favorite moments was when a good friend of mine had just announced she was pregnant. I felt a burst of joy coming from my heart when I was thinking about getting her a gift to celebrate her big creation. However, I wasn’t sure what to get her and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend either. I spent a few days mulling it over and then I let it go — knowing that an answer would come to me eventually.

Soon after that, I hopped on my computer and made an Amazon order. I ordered some of my favorite tea in bulk to save money and time. As soon as the packaged arrived, I realized they had sent me the totally wrong tea. Somehow I had ended up with 3 huge boxes of “Organic Mother’s Milk” tea. At first I was upset. Amazon had gotten my order wrong and wasted my time. However, as soon as I reported the error, Amazon told me they would resend the correct tea and told me to just keep the “Organic Mother’s Milk” tea.

At that point, I cracked a smile. This was my abundance coming to me! I knew exactly who this tea was for –– it was for my pregnant friend! What a brilliant way to gift my friend a present, for free! And the funny thing is that my pregnant friend loves tea and supplements so it was a perfect pre-gift before attending her formal baby shower.

However, something inside me felt the gift wasn’t enough. I wished I could give her more and then once again, I let it go. A few days went by and I finally received my Amazon package with what I thought would be the correct tea. And to my surprise, Amazon got the tea order wrong again! I had received another 3 huge boxes of “Organic Mother’s Milk” tea. When I reported the error to Amazon, they refunded my money and told me to keep the tea. Of course at this point I was totally laughing. What a way to manifest a $50 gift for my pregnant friend, for free!

These are the moments that I cherish, because they remind me of the surprising, fast, and humorous ways we can receive abundance. If this happened on a small scale, imagine what could happen on a larger scale — if you allow it!

So step into your Master Self and command the energies to serve you. Keep your heart open and stay joyful. Trust that abundance is unlimited and remain certain that it is coming to you! Let go of those stinky stories and be abundant!


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

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