There are many ways that an animal communicator can be of assistance in the world. Many offer pet readings to provide guidance and insight for humans. Others call themselves Pet Psychics and specialize in finding lost pets or in contacting animals who have crossed over. Some sign up at psychic fairs and identify totem animals for people.  In my animal communication practice, I have discovered that my true calling is to use my skills every day to help and heal the animals I encounter to make their world a better place.

As an active volunteer for an animal welfare organization in Chicago, I attend a lot of adoption events and I am typically assigned a cute little puppy. My role is to talk to people about the puppy, answer their questions about temperament, potential size, and breed (thank goodness for Wikipedia!). Also, I observe how the pup interacts with children, reacts around external stimulus like cars, motorcycles or bicycles and behavior around other nearby animals. A big part of my job is to get a “read” on the interested families and gauge whether or not they would be a good match for the puppies. The tools I learned at BPI in Self Healing 101, 102, 103, Enlightenment, and the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program make that the easiest part of the day!

At an adoption event in June, I wanted to test my skills as an Animals Communicator.  I got a cute eight-week old Blue Heeler/Lab Mix pup. I took him for a short walk away from his littermates and got his attention with a treat. I sent him a telepathic image of “Sit” on command. Then asked him to “Sit.” The outcome wasn’t perfect the first time so I tried again. I showed him the image of “Sit” and then gave him the verbal “Sit” command while gently pushing his back end down. After our celebration, I asked him again to “Sit.” He dropped his backside down without hesitation.

Next I used my reading screen to clairvoyantly “see” the puppy.  I asked him to tell me what had been happening. He showed me some psychic images of the kennel where he was born, playing with his littermates and the sadness he felt about being taken from his mother.  I told him that he was there to find his forever family, and that he was safe.   I asked what the ideal family situation looked like from his perspective.  He communicated that he would like a Mom, Dad, three little kids, a fenced in yard, lots of toys around and a little boy with whom to play fetch. In the family the puppy wants to join, everyone was smiling, happy and has very kind eyes.  I decided to help this puppy set a conscious intention to ask the universe to deliver a family that would meet his desires. I also wanted to make sure the puppy was happy, and conveyed his sweetness to others. I asked for the universe’s blessing on the entire situation.

We walked to our assigned location and settled in.  I did a couple of practice “Sits” that he executed perfectly so I could use that to impress potential families. We were surrounded by four of his equally adorable litter mates but all the families who came by only had eyes for him.  Within an hour and a half, three families wanted this puppy.  One was exactly what we mocked up, so I used my gauge to determine the percentage that this was the right family. The reading was 100%! I told the adoption counselors that this family seemed particularly connected to the pup and the children were all very gentle.  As it turns out, one of the other two interested families had to go home and get their dog for a meet and greet and the other had some issues with the landlord.   So the pup hit the jackpot with his family of choice!  He was not only the first one adopted from his litter, but he was also among the first adopted that day. As I watched him walk away with his forever family, I realized that using my animal communication tools is the best and most powerful thing that I can do to help homeless pets.

Leslie Kolber is an Animal Communicator living in suburban Chicago. To schedule a pet reading or for more information about being an Animal Communicator, send her an email at

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