So I’m a really practical guy. This psychic stuff is great as long as it actually, like, helps me live my life.

There are actually quite a few simple ways that clairvoyance can help you do this. One such way is by looking at the energy of an object.

We have kind of a running joke around the Institute about Miwa because she’ll say something like, “Yeah, you should read that book, it’s really good.” And the other person will say, “Oh, so you’ve read it?” and she usually says, “Well, no.”

It’s not that she actually speed reads the book or even necessarily opens it, but what she does do, and what many psychics do, is read the energy of the book (or the house, the refrigerator, the car, the laptop, whatever).

What you do is you take the object of interest, and in your mind you picture the object’s energy in the form of a rose (reading a rose is a topic in and of itself, and I really will have to blog about it sooner rather than later). You then interpret the appearance of the rose in order to get a “read” on the object.

For example, when I look at a rose for a book, if I see the stem of the rose as rather short, I might conclude that it is lacking in support. Or if the flower is very wide but not very deep, I might interpret that as the book covers a lot of ground, but not in much depth. If I saw that the rose did not have any thorns, I might read the book as very “accessible”, and maybe an easy read.

All of this doesn’t tell me what’s in the book – I still have to read the thing if I want to learn. But what it does do is help me decide whether the book is one I want to read (or if the car is one I want to buy, etc.), and maybe set some expectations for how it could be useful to me.

Written by Chris Petrizzo, a BPI graduate who continues to reap the benefits of his psychic training in his business, travels, and daily life. You can learn more about Chris at

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