Animal Communication 101

Deepen Your Interactions with Animals

In this 4-week phone course, you will:

  • Fine-tune your communication skills
  • Explore the significance of species
  • Interpret messages from the animal kingdom
  • Work with totem animals
  • Learn how to greet individual animal friends

Course Logistics (Over the Phone):

  • Dates: March 4th–25th
  • Times: Wednesdays from 5–6:30pm MT
  • Tuition: $100
  • To Register: Click Here

This is an all-levels course. Everyone is welcome to join!

Professional Animal Communication Program


In this 6-month phone program, you will:

  • Learn and apply a structured animal reading format
  • Negotiate human-animal disagreements
  • Master the art of giving healings to animals and their humans
  • Deepen relationships with totem animals
  • Invoke animal spirit guides for help and healing
  • Gain comfort being an animal communicator in diverse venues
  • Take field trips to communicate in the wild

Program Logistics (Over the Phone):

  • Dates: April 1st–September 30th
  • Times: Wednesdays from 5–6:30pm MT
  • Tuition: $225/month or $200/month via autopay
  • Prerequisite: Animal Communication 101 & 3 months of the Enlightenment Program
  • For Questions: Email Us!

‘The Empowered Empath’ : Spiritual Forum

Do you have a hard time being around other people, especially when they are being emotionally intense? Join us for this spiritual forum, where you will learn some key skills that will teach you how to transmute your empathy from being a weakness to being your superpower.

Presenter: Miwa Mack, Director of the Boulder Psychic Institute.


  • Date: Thursday, February 20th
  • Time: 7–8:30pm
  • Location: Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley, 107 E. Geneseo St., Lafayette, CO
  • Admission: Free; love offerings accepted
  • For Questions: Email Us!