Healing & Meditative Services

Every Friday from 6:00 – 7:00pm

Come as you are to celebrate being yourself, living life, and cultivating community. It’s a great way to let go of any stress or demands from your week, reset, and begin your weekend.

Check out our different weekly themes:

  • 1st Friday — Chakra Balancing Singing Bowls
    • Tune up with good vibrations
    • In this service, the healing sounds of singing bowls move through our physical and etheric bodies to help us release stuck energy. During the 40-minute meditation, congregants may sit on chairs or lay on the floor. The concert provides some personal attention in the form of having a singing bowl played close to each person’s body.
    • This gathering is designed to provide us with the time and space to relax and release. Additionally, it increases our awareness of any places where— unwittingly— we may be stuck; simultaneously, it aids us in clearing whatever we wish to let go of. At the beginning of the service, we greet the other congregants. Furthermore, we sing opening and closing songs. Wear comfortable clothing, and plan to close your eyes and drift away to the healing sounds and vibrations.
  • 2nd Friday — Channeled Angel Healings
    • Be touched by an angel
    • This service allows us to relax and release by enjoying a meditative, healing current, as well as receiving a personalized channeled, hands-on healing. Participants meditate until they are guided to lay down on a massage table, where a channeled archangel will provide a specific healing. It is an opportunity for us to let go of energy that no longer serves the best and highest good, while opening space to be more present!
    • During this service, we sing opening and closing songs. Come as you are, and allow the angels to help you release pain and experience divinity! These gatherings provide an opportunity to receive healing and expand spiritually!
  • 3rd Friday — Sacred Ceremonies
    • Welcome the divine into lived experience
    • This service offers the opportunity to participate in ritual through the enactment of sacred ceremonies! Discover how including focused devotion can enrich your life! Each month we offer engaging activities to release the old, clarify intention, and create anew!
    • Come as you are, wear comfortable clothing, and enjoy community! In addition to the main event, this service includes opening and closing songs.
  • 4th Friday — Meditative Journey
    • Treat yourself to a guided astral adventure
    • We alternate between two forms of meditation during this service: musical relaxation and spoken travels.
    • (Odd months) This service opens with a meditative focus that can be maintained during the live performance of relaxing guitar pieces. It showcases the healing power of music! Release stress by dedicating 40-minutes to meditating in the presence of the vibrational release that is facilitated by live music. Harmonize with our community!
    • (Even months) This service opens the imagination, demonstrates meditation techniques, and promotes spiritual healing. It is a 40-minute guided meditation that takes you to places on the Earth and in the Heavens. As we explore different locations astrally, we meet spiritual beings, learn about ourselves, grow personally, and receive healing work.
    • Both forms of this service allow us to gain more awareness and certainty as we turn inwards. Participating involves extended sitting. Dress comfortably, and take care of your body so that the time you spend seated in a chair is enjoyable! Additionally, we greet the other congregants at the beginning of the service, and sing opening and closing songs. It’s an opportunity to explore yourself spiritually, and asks that you approach the journey in a mindset of openness and curiosity.
  • 5th Friday — Mystery Friday
    • Try something new and experience a service or ceremony led by a guest minister
    • This service allows guest ministers to showcase their talents by offering our community fun, new experiences. Each fifth Friday is an adventure in being a part of someone’s vision of group interaction. It could range from drumming circles, to learning new games, to improv, to group meditations, to who knows what. It’s Mystery Friday!
    • Bring an open mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to try something new! Dress comfortably and prepare for fun!

Everyone is welcome to join the fun!
**Please arrive on time. Doors close at 6pm.**


Aura & Chakra Healings

Get cleansed and feel great!

Take 15 minutes out of your day to clean out old and foreign energy from your body and your aura. Then get replenished with your own pristine energy that will free you up and give you the clarity you need to take your next steps.

When: Every Thursday
Time: Drop-In between 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Cost: Free ~ Donations are gracefully accepted!



Student Readings

Learn about your soul essence, past lives, and the colors of your aura. Ask questions and get answers about career, money, love, family, relationships, spirit guides, angels, and life purpose.

In-Person at BPI:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:30pm

Over-the-Phone (Mountain Time):

  • 1st & 3rd Mondays from 5:30 – 7:00pm
  • 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 11:00am – 12:30pm

Free Undergraduate Readings:

  • These students are currently in the Enlightenment Program. This means they have had anywhere from 1 month – 1 year of experience doing psychic readings.
  • The students will follow a set reading format that covers your soul essence, a few past lives, and the layers of your aura. When they are done with this format, if there is any time left, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your life.
  • Cost: Free ~ Donations are gracefully accepted!
  • To Schedule an in person reading: Click Here for Boulder
  • To Schedule a reading over the phone: Click Here for Phone
    • Please only schedule one free reading every six months so that other people have a chance to take advantage of this opportunity.
    • If you would like to schedule a reading for more than one person, please email Danielle so that she can let you know which date will accommodate your whole group.

Self Healing 101

Empower yourself. Feel great!








In 4 weeks learn how to:

  • Meditate with easy to use visualization techniques
  • Feel centered and focused
  • Release negative energy
  • Protect yourself from foreign energy
  • Replenish yourself with positive energy
  • Nourish and cleanse your body
  • Change limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Choose how you want to feel, regardless of your surroundings or the people around you
  • Have energetically clean interactions with others
  • Meet your healing master and receive healings whenever you want on whatever you want
  • Connect and communicate with ‘Source’

Check out the first class for free!

Boulder Course Logistics:

  • Tuesdays 7:30 – 9:00pm
  • Tuition: $100
  • Check out the first class for free!
  • To Register: Click Here
  • Registration is not required. Feel free to just show up!

Phone Course Logistics:

  • Mondays 5:30 – 7:00pm MT
  • Tuition: $100
  • Check out the first class for free!
  • To Register:  Click Here

For more information about logistics: Click Here