Avatar Program

‘Ava’ = Descent of a Deity  —  ‘Tarati’ = To Cross Over

An avatar is a being who masterfully traverses between heaven and earth, creating miracles both, in body and in spirit.

In this year-long program, you will delve even deeper into your psychic studies so that you can be an avatar and master both worlds: the physical and the spiritual; in this life and in the afterlife.

Each month you will examine a topic and learn about the specific energy mechanics related to that subject. You will also deprogram and heal those areas of your life. With each month’s topic, you will step out of the ‘games’ on this planet and step even further into your own truth, filling your reality with miracles, ease, and grace.

Monthly Topics:

  • January:  Money & Manifesting
  • February:  Relationships
  • March:  Advanced Reading Skills
  • April:  Your Own Birth
  • May & June:  Traversing the Astral Plane
  • July:  Advanced Chakras
  • August:  Kundalini
  • September:  Male/Female Communication
  • October:  Advanced Healing Techniques
  • November:  Etheric Bodies
  • December:  Spiritual Anatomy
Boulder Program Logistics:

  • Class: Mondays 7:30–9pm
  • Practica: Tuesdays 7–9pm & Thursdays 5:30–9pm
    Minimum requirement of 2 Thursday night practica per month
  • Prerequisite: Enlightenment Program
  • Tuition: $225/month or $200/month via autopay
Phone Program Logistics:

  • Class: Tuesdays 5–6:30pm MT
  • Practica: 1st, 3rd & 5th Mondays 5–7pm MT and 2nd & 4th Saturdays 11am–1pm MT
    Minimum requirement of 2 practica per month
  • Prerequisite: Enlightenment Program
  • Tuition: $225/month or $200/month via autopay


One to One Program

Choose Your Own Adventure

Through the course of 18 sessions, you will:

  • Set the direction of your life’s journey with your own goals
  • Update from your last lifetime & set the direction for your next life
  • Reset your commitment to your body
  • Explore your spiritual anatomy ~ genetic entity, astral body, personal spin pattern, chakras and chakra doors, creative rings, 8th chakra, automatic control mechanisms…
  • Manage the “three parts” of you as a being
  • Clear control energies out of the body and the soul personality
  • Reset family karma & ancestral patterns
  • Turn on your personal power, original essence, and life force energies
  • Own your “threshold” – the neutral space between lifetimes
  • Attain a more profound integration of body and being
  • Increase clarity about your own life path

Personal growth accelerates as you integrate your spiritual awareness into your daily life. A new alignment starts to form between your ‘inner’ life and your ‘outer’ world, empowering you to express yourself more freely and manifest in the world effectively with ease and grace.


Program Logistics:

  • Class Dates: Small group sessions are scheduled monthly with your instructor and fellow peers
  • Prerequisite: 6 months of the Avatar Program
  • Tuition: $2,800


Trance Medium Training Program

If you’ve been grounding, running your energy, blowing pictures… and you find yourself asking, “Why do the same patterns keep reappearing in my life?”

Then it might be time to check out the other half of the equation…

…Your trance medium space.

In this program you will be exploring your spiritual gift of Trance Mediumship. You will find empowerment and effortlessness in a space often misunderstood or feared. This year-long Trance Medium Training Program will help you navigate the range of energy called ‘white’ or ‘out-of-body,’ whereas the Clairvoyant Training Program explores the crown chakra energies from brown to gold or ‘in-the-body’ vibrations.

There are essentially 3 levels of white. The first third we call ‘healing;’ the middle third we call ‘teaching’ or ‘channeling;’ and the upper third we refer to as ‘control.’ In this first year, we will explore the first third of your white space: your out-of-body healing space. The object of this curriculum is to have your all of your awareness whether you are in your body or out of your body, because the degree to which you can be out of your body is the same degree to which you be in your body.

‘White’ has been what we generally talk about when we use the word ‘unconscious,’ yet it is also where we dream. What controls this dream space in your universe? Much of the trance medium work is about removing the controls on your dream space— increasing your ability to ask your own questions and to get your own answers. You will ultimately gain a whole new level of certainty and seniority in this training program.


Free Introductory Class:

  • Wednesday, August 7th from 7:30–9pm
  • Learn about the three levels of Trance Mediumship, your crown chakra, and why it is important to master your own Trance Medium abilities. You will also learn how to run your white energy to start building your ‘out of body’ awareness. Come ask questions and experience what you will gain from this extraordinary program.
  • Prerequisite:  Enlightenment Program

Program Logistics:

  • Year 1:  Starting in Boulder – September 2019
    • Class: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays from 7:30–9pm
      • Exception: Sept 2019 & Jan 2020
      • Class will be on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
    • Practica: 2nd & 4th Fridays from 7–9:30pm
    • Prerequisite: 6 months of the Avatar Program with completion or intention to complete Traversing the Astral Plane & Advanced Reading Skills
  • Year 4:  Starting over the phone – September 2019
    • Class: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays from 5–6:30pm MT
      • Exception:  Sept 2019 & Jan 2020
      • Class will be on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
    • Practica: 2nd Wednesdays from 5–7pm MT
      • Exception: Sept 2019 & Jan 2020
      • Practica will be on 3rd Wednesdays
    • Prerequisite: 3rd year of the Trance Medium Training Program
  • Tuition: $2400/year


Hands On Healing Program

To Physically Touch is to Validate ~ To Spiritually Touch is to Heal

As we begin to access our spiritual abilities, it is important not to forget our physical nature and that our physical selves require as much nurturing as our spiritual selves. In addition to food, rest, and shelter, we require TOUCH in order to fully thrive and integrate all parts of our being.

In this Hands On Healing program, you will master the art of conscious touch which gently—yet powerfully—reconnects the spiritual body with the physical body, chakra by chakra, rebuilding your body of light. Restoring this flow of energy will enable you to fully integrate all of your spiritual information and awareness so that you can achieve physical balance and wellness.

This 18-month program will be offered in three 6-month units.

Topics include:

  • Your wellness vibration
  • Neutral touch and healing from wholeness
  • How to see and heal specific illnesses and dis-ease
  • Your unique healing energy
  • Your commitment to your body and the silver cord
  • Your first breath, your first touch, and family programming
  • Rest and how it has everything to do with your health
  • Telepathic and the creative channels
  • Creating a new picture of the body ~ limited versus infinite
  • Invalidation, the pain sheath, electric blue, and forgiveness
  • Rebirth, renewal, karma, and miracles
  • Psychic surgery


Program Logistics:

  • Class Dates: TBA
  • Prerequisite: Completion of 3 months of the Avatar Program
  • Tuition: $1,200/unit