Got ghosts? Sleepless nights? Consistent household conflict?

In a house healing, a team of psychics will reset the energy so that all residents will feel at ease and at peace when in the house. The psychics will communicate with any spirits who are ‘attached’ to your home and remove them if necessary. They will clear out any ‘negative’ energy that is creating malaise or blocking communication amongst residents or family members. Then the psychics will fill your house in with the energy of your choice, making it a more enjoyable atmosphere to live in.

House healings are great in times of transition such as:

  • After a purchase of a new home
  • When attempting to sell your house in a timely fashion
  • During or after a remodel
  • Changing residents or roommates
  • Experiencing ghosts or unwanted patterns

Would you like to increase the success of your business?

In a business healing, a team of psychics will clear out any blocks to your flow of prosperity and abundance. They will heal the communication between employees and customers, creating a business environment that is a win-win for all involved. A business healing is a great way to boost your business, stimulate growth, and renew motivation and excitement in the workplace.

Over the Phone:

When: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Saturdays
Time: 11–12:30pm MT
Cost: $75
To Schedule: Click Here
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