Date: Saturday November 14, 2020

Time (Mountain Time): 11:00am

In 4 weeks, learn how to:

  • Meditate with easy-to-use visualization techniques
  • Feel centered and focused
  • Release negative energy
  • Protect yourself from foreign energy
  • Replenish yourself with positive energy
  • Nourish and cleanse your body
  • Change limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Choose how you want to feel, regardless of your surroundings or the people around you
  • Have energetically clean interactions with others
  • Meet your Healing Master and receive healings whenever you want on whatever you want
  • Connect and communicate with ‘Source’
6pm MT Course Dates


February 2nd – 23rd
April 27th – May 18th
August 3rd – 24th
November 2nd – 30th (skip 11/23)


January 7th – 28th
April 1st – 22nd
July 8th – 29th
October 7th – 28th

11am MT Course Dates


November 14th – December 5th (2020)
March 6th – 27th
June 5th – 26th
September 4th – 25th

5 pm MT Course Logistics

11am MT Course Logistics

Students who enroll in the Self Healing 101 course receive a free Undergraduate Student Reading as a part of their tuition.