Two humans facing each other. One looks down and out of the way. The other has their hand on the chest of the first - reassuring them.

As a psychic, I come across my own trauma and the trauma of others often. Trauma can be sneaky, sitting in our bodies and preventing us from finding our own answers in life. Trauma can be big—monumental, even—showing us clearly where work needs to be done in order to live a healthier and happier life.

It can also be scary, painful, uncomfortable, and intimidating. It’s when we allow these emotions to dissuade us from digging into and facing the heaviness we feel that it becomes and remains an energetic blockage in our space. Having such a blockage can cause us to feel fatigued, hopeless, anxious, depressed, angry, or just plain bummed out.

Not only is trauma up right now in a lot of people regarding the Supreme Court hearings, but its effects may feel amplified for empaths. Many of us have been sifting through our past pain around our bodies and their autonomy, and many of us have been feeling the pain of those around us as they sift through theirs.

Being both an energy worker and a person who likes to stay informed about the state of news and politics leaves me open to a lot of trauma—especially in times like these.

In this particular case, the heaviness of the energy was massive as it seeped from nearly every woman and non-binary person I knew as well as some men in my life and, of course, myself.

I felt confused, livid, desperate, incredibly disappointed and saddened by everything the recent news brought up in me and others. Here I was, an energy worker seemingly unable to work with the massive pain swirling around me!

This was until I thought to check in with myself and my truth. What was actually my pain to feel and what was the pain I felt for others? Why was I feeling that pain for other people? Was it necessary to carry with me throughout my day? Could I still be a compassionate freedom fighter and social justice warrior if I wasn’t carrying the pain of every person affected by assault with me!?

The answer to that last one is yes.

As for the other questions, I found through meditation and sincere self-reflection that I was in the midst of empathic burnout!

The majority of the trauma I was handling was not truly my own and taking care of myself and my energy was only going to make me better suited to help others heal.

Empathic burnout is common, but luckily it’s also easily managed with a few simple self-care tactics. 

Personally, I like to find a quiet place to sit away from any of life’s demands. Here, I can take a few moments to truly be with myself. When I do this, I’m able to notice places in my body or emotional space where I’m not feeling well. I like to take a few minutes to just give those places or spaces the love and attention they need. If I’m not sure what I need in a particular moment, I like to default to imagining myself surrounded by the vibrations of love, neutrality, and amusement. I do my best to really feel those feelings in my body, even if it’s challenging for me to access them in a moment of pain. Those vibrations are always there.

I also like to imagine myself releasing. This could mean releasing the day, a specific emotion, an event, a conversation, something I saw, or really anything I’m stuck on. The act of release is like a giant sigh. It calms the body and mind, allowing them to return to their normal state of ease and neutrality. I find it comforting to take a moment to drop the weight I’m holding and truly surrender to the present moment. In present time, it’s likely I’m ok. The worry I have or the sadness I feel is not necessary for me to hold in this moment.

Lastly, I like to validate the things in my life I’ve done and am doing well, especially if they relate to my feeling of overwhelm. In this case, I spent a lot of time reminding myself of how much I’ve healed from my own personal trauma and how it is possible for others to heal as well. I validated the bravery it takes to face these parts of myself. I validated the growth I continue to experience as I shed layers of my own pain, the new woman I become every time I let go.

In these dense times, it can feel very easy to become overwhelmed and get a case of empathic burnout. Just know that you have a choice in what you take on. In making self-care a priority and spending some moments in quiet solitude to check in with yourself, you might find that many of these traumas are not yours to carry. In taking the time to consciously release your day or anything you’re stuck on, you might find relief. In sincerely validating yourself and your growth, you might find some peace to get you through the storm.

Big love and until next time,



Cassidy McClure works with Boulder Psychic Institute and offers her reading and healing services to the public on the side. Contact her at for booking and offerings.

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