Silhouette of a couple embracing in the night.

One day, a very bright student named Harper sat on a park bench slouched over. She felt discombobulated over the course of her romantic relationships in her life. Over the past few months, she had dated her *dream* guy and was upset that he dumped her simply because she wasn’t interested in marriage. Harper cried. There were parts of herself that hated the idea of marriage. She didn’t enjoy growing up and watching her parents fight all the time. She promised herself as a child that she would never get married and put herself through that kind of torment.

She sighed and wondered if her stance on marriage was worth it. She felt like her dream guy didn’t even give her a chance based on her views of marriage. A part of her wished she had expressed something different so that she didn’t ruin her only opportunity with what she thought was the perfect man.

After this turn of events, she wondered if her views on marriage were limiting her. Up until this point, most of her boyfriends weren’t interested in marriage either, yet she repeatedly experienced issues of infidelity, lack of respect, and a few other patterns that seemed to haunt her. She wondered if she would attract a different kind of man if she was open to marriage. Feeling lost, Harper decided to visit the Master for clarity.

As Harper approached the Master, she bowed with honor. She hoped the Master would tell her exactly what to do because she was so wise. Harper asked the Master, “Should I be open to the idea of marriage? Will I find a different kind of man if I change my views?”

The Master looked at her with endearment and replied, “You cannot make a wrong decision.” The Master turned around and gracefully walked off into her garden in her white flowing robe.

Harper was disappointed. She thought she might hear a different answer from the Master. She knew that she would have to decide for herself if marriage was for her. With the regret of losing what she thought was her dream man, she decided to be open to marriage. She then asked The Universe to bring her a husband.

Soon after, Harper met a man named, Rick. He seemed to have all the qualities she was looking for and couldn’t deny the auspicious events that occurred during their first meeting. Rick told Harper that she was his Soul Twin and that they were meant to be together. Harper believed him, and jumped into a relationship with Rick wholeheartedly. However, over the next year, Harper couldn’t help but notice that their relationship felt very rough and hard. Harper decided to visit the Master again.

As Harper approached the Master, she gave her some fresh homemade cookies and said, “I’m in a relationship with my Soul Twin and I don’t understand why this relationship feels so hard. He doesn’t seem to think I’m pretty enough, he doesn’t seem to think I’m smart enough, and everything seems to be my fault. What should I do?”

The Master smiled, winked at her, and said, “You look pretty good to me. Why don’t you love yourself?” The Master then walked towards her reading room and closed the door behind her.

Harper was frustrated by the Master’s answer. Harper had been loving herself. She had done things for herself that no one had done before. She was frustrated that she had already “loved herself” and that it didn’t make a difference in her current relationship.

However, being the disciplined student that Harper was, she decided to love herself even more. She enrolled in classes about relationships. She did healing work on herself and relationships. She read books about relationships, and she joined support groups about relationships. Anytime an issue would come up in her relationship with Rick, she would own her own limitations and find how she created it. She practiced being as self responsible as possible. She did a lot of spiritual detoxing, became very wise, and let go of anything that might be contributing to her rough relationship with Rick. Unfortunately, no matter how much Harper healed and loved herself, her relationship with Rick didn’t change much. Harper decided it was time to see the Master again.

This time, Harper brought the Master a beautiful stone, and she asked, “Should I break up with my boyfriend? I’ve been working really really hard on loving myself, healing my relationship wounds, and very little has changed in my relationship. I’m starting to think that this whole Soul Twin concept is a bunch of baloney that keeps me in a bad relationship. I think I’m going to break it off with him. What do you think?”

The Master raised her eyebrow and said, “It is time for you to get married and while you’re at it, save some money.” And in that moment, the Master disappeared into thin air before Harper could reply.

Harper’s mouth was wide open in disbelief, “What!? You mean I just got clarity that I should dump this guy and now the Master is telling me to save money and get married? This lady is crazy!”

Although Harper was very confused, she sighed and decided to listen to the Master, “Okay, I’ll marry Rick” she thought, “I guess I must have high expectations. I guess relationships take hard work and can take time to change. I guess that is what the Master is trying to say to me.”

Harper went home and talked to Rick about marriage. To her disbelief, Rick told her that marriage wasn’t important to him. Harper cried a deep cry. Just years ago, Rick told her that he wanted to get married and now he could care less about it. Harper felt so confused. The Master wanted her to save money and get married, but she was with a man who didn’t care about marriage.

Suddenly, in the middle of her pain, Harper had a beautiful day dream of meeting a foreign man. This man was kind, loving, sensitive, and connected. He swept her off her feet and took her to a far away land. Harper caught herself laughing out loud and then snapped out of her day dream and back into her somber reality. She wondered if anything amazing like this would ever happen to her or if she was just escaping in a fantasy world. She went on with life, feeling a little stuck, a little defeated, and a little depressed.

A few months went by and Rick and Harper started fighting even more. It became clear to Harper that she was dealing with a very mean man. Harper began to save money so that she could break up with Rick and live alone by herself. Harper thought that the Master was right about one thing, and that was saving money. Harper made plans to break up with Rick after their upcoming vacation. However, on their vacation something surprising happened, Rick proposed to Harper! In total shock and disbelief, Harper said, “Yes.”

In bewilderment, Harper got home from her vacation with Rick and thought to herself, “I guess the Master was right. I guess I’m getting married and I am supposed to save money for a wedding.”

Harper began to save even more money for a wedding. Although Harper felt that everything was falling in line with what the Master said, she still felt something was terribly off. In fact, almost every week after the proposal, Harper would have an anxiety attack. She wanted to follow what the Master said, but she still felt she was with a mean man. Harper decided to get some help. She signed Rick and herself up for relationship counseling in hopes that some issues would finally be resolved.

Although Rick and Harper were doing everything they could to mend their problems together, things got much worse between them. Harper began to get even more clarity that this relationship was bad for her. She felt that if she truly loved herself, she wouldn’t force a relationship that wasn’t working. Feeling like a failed student, Harper decided to give up and release the long relationship she had so desperately tried to salvage. She began to save even more money so that she could afford a home to herself. After nights of insomnia, Harper finally broke up with Rick. Although she felt devestated, Harper hoped that something better was out there waiting for her.

All of this confusion and stress made Harper very upset and sick. She felt like she was going against the Master and she couldn’t seem to make anything work no matter how much healing and love she put into it. She decided that she was unworthy of being a student, and would no longer go see the Master. Instead, she went on a hike in nature and cried.

While Harper was sitting on a tree stump, a handsome man named Pierre from France approached her to ask her for directions and a ride home. Harper dried her tears quickly and told him that she was going in the same direction and would be happy to drive him home.

During their walk and drive home, Pierre and Harper talked about their lives. Harper quickly realized that Pierre was a different kind of man. Pierre was kind. Pierre was loving. Pierre was sensitive and connected. Something inside her told her that she needed to get to know him better and so they planned to meet again.

The next day Pierre and Harper spent hours together. They couldn’t stop talking and laughing. Very quickly, they fell madly in love with each other. Weeks went by that were filled with bliss in each other’s company. Harper couldn’t believe she met her fantasy man. Pierre thought she was gorgeous. Pierre thought she was really smart. And Pierre loved to connect with her and treated her very well. Harper felt herself healing and blossoming in ways that she had never imagined before.

Unfortunately, there was one big problem. Pierre’s travel visa was coming to an end and he would have to leave and go back to France. It felt like a tragedy. Harper and Pierre were so in love, that they couldn’t bear the thought of being away from each other. They talked about all the potential ways they could be together, but none of them felt quite right. Finally, after exhausting all ideas, they both brought up the idea of marriage as a way to stay together in the same country.

Harper smiled a big smile. She realized that this was what the Master had been talking about. This was the man she was supposed to marry. Even though she had only known him for a couple of months, she felt excited about this potential and every bone in her body asked her to take a leap into the love she deserved.

A few weeks later, Harper and Pierre went to the courthouse and got married. They both cried tears of sweetness and joy as they made their promises to each other. Soon after, they spoke with a lawyer to work out all the details so that Pierre could stay in the United States. During the meeting, the lawyer informed them that Pierre could not work for the exchange of money or trade in the US for about 7 months while the paperwork was being completed. Pierre looked at Harper in disappointment and said, “I only have a couple thousand dollars left in my account for my travels. There is no way I can pay for myself to live here for the next 7 months. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Harper smiled warmly and gave Pierre a big hug, and said, “That’s okay, Pierre, I have a lot of money saved up.”

From the corner of her eye, Harper saw the Master appear. The Master bowed to Harper, winked at her, and said, “All is well.”

As Pierre and Harper walked home hand in hand, he turned to her and said, “Hey, I have a prepaid trip to Fuji in a couple of months, do you want to come with me and call it our honeymoon?”

Harper remembered her beautiful day dream that she had a year ago about a foreign man sweeping her off her feet and taking her to a far away land. She looked Pierre in the eyes and said, “Of course! Dreams do come true!”


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