Artistic representation of what it feels like to have another being attached to your face. Woozy & kind of psychadelic.

About a year after I had invested in psychic development classes, I had started to get the hang of “owning my space” or operating from my own energy and truth. I could maintain my balance each day, and even if I lost my balance, I was becoming more fluent at “regaining my space” faster than I ever had before. For someone that had been dealing with chronic and seasonal depression, this was a big achievement! I remember enjoying week after week of feeling peaceful, balanced, and connected to myself. However, I didn’t realize that becoming fluent with energy work was actually preparing me for my next big growth step.

One night I was sleeping alone in my studio, and I woke up in the middle of the night to a woman standing over me. She was staring me in the face and wearing a white, old-fashioned sleeping gown. She looked exhausted. This woman reminded me of a mother who worried herself sick. She seemed in need of rest and support. However, waking up to her staring me in face caused quite a panic! I shot out of bed gasping in fear and ran to the other side of the room. The woman completely disappeared and within a few moments, I felt a rush of energy slam into the side of my head. For the next few days, I didn’t feel like myself at all.

It was mind-blowing to experience such a drastic shift in my mood and to connect it to an entity in my room. I went from being calm, peaceful, and rested, to feeling totally frayed, funky, angry, and worried about everything. No matter what kind of energy work I did, I couldn’t get rid of those stuck feelings and thought patterns. The feelings and thoughts felt like a broken record repeating itself over and over again like a never-ending loop. I felt possessed — and I kinda was! I knew that an entity was in my energetic space, and at this point in my development, I didn’t have much experience with extracting entities. Eventually, I went to my psychic school where my teacher saw my “situation” and helped me release the entity. Again, it was amazing to get such instant relief. I felt back to myself again with the acknowledgement that entities were very real and they were messing with my moods!

After that experience I became hyper aware of entities. I started seeing them every night in my studio and encountering them every day in my energetic space. For about three months, I felt as if I had entered psychic boot camp, and the theme of this bootcamp was, “Extracting Entities!”

By the time that three month period was over, I no longer needed someone else to remove entities for me. I became highly proficient at clearing them from my energetic space and also the buildings that they were occupying. The fear I held around entities had been released, I had empowered myself once again. I realized that entities weren’t more powerful than me. Entities weren’t dark and malicious either. Entities were just like you and me — but without a body. Most of them were stuck and looking for help. Some of them were completely lost. Rarely did I find an entity that had some kind of evil intent.

Many years went by, and I continued my journey in becoming aware of entities and clearing them from my body. I cleared entities that resisted being on Earth and would produce suicidal thoughts for me during the winter. I cleared entities that were stuck in anger and made me feel like a cat being rubbed the wrong way. I cleared entities that were stuck in invalidation and produced a tired feeling that made it hard to accomplish anything. I even cleared an entity that was slowing down my thyroid! Year by year, I cleared entities out of my body and released the energies that attracted them in the first place. And after some time, winters became less debilitating and much more manageable.

Unfortunately, our society simply hasn’t caught up to the truth about energy dynamics and what is really going on with illnesses such as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. Most of these people are not sick, they simply have strong psychic abilities that are owning them. In this case, these people are experiencing their strong Trance Medium ability. It’s your ability to go in and out of your body as well as your ability to channel other beings. These folks tend to be susceptible to entities if they haven’t learned how to be a conscious Trance Medium.

If you suffer from mood swings, talk to “yourself,” experience sudden shifts in personality, or feel stuck in a repeating loop of emotions or thought patterns, I encourage you to become aware of entities and the possibility that you might have a few “extra friends” in your life. Take some classes, build some energy management skills, and own your space! Life is much more smooth when it’s just you in the driver’s seat!


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

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