Here at Boulder Psychic Institute, we like to set our New Year intentions and see if any of those intentions come into fruition after the year is over. At the beginning of 2016, all of our staff members gathered together and made their own personal intentions for the New Year and then shared them with each other. Both the Director, Miwa Mack, and office manager, Michelle Corazao, of Boulder Psychic Institute expressed their strong desire for an office dog/school mascot. However, since we are a school that teaches all kinds of sensitive people, we had to make sure that the dog would be calm, sweet, comforting, and hypoallergenic!

A few weeks after that meeting, Miwa Mack found herself on a flight to PA to pick up an 8-week old Cavapoo. A Cavapoo is a mix between a Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle. The great thing about this mix is that they are hypoallergenic, happy-go-lucky, social, mellow, and quite comforting – the perfect fit for our large community! When Fletcher finally arrived at the office, no one could contain themselves. He looked like a miniature Ewok, and was small enough to fit in your palm. He was shy at first and still very much a baby. All the members of our community couldn’t help but gawk, and literally scream with joy, when they met Fletcher. He had an immediate effect on everyone because he was simply adorable.

Fletcher loves to be with his mom, Miwa. But each day, when he comes to work, he makes his rounds and greets everyone. Since he’s small, he loves to jump right into your lap and give you kisses. Since BPI is a healing center, Fletcher’s office duties include: distracting our students from their moment of suffering, and putting smiles on their faces instead, cuddling with our students when they are crying and healing, teaching people how to make boundaries, even when they’re with the cutest furriest little animal trying to break them, and showing unconditional love and acceptance to anyone who walks in the door.

Fletcher serves as a great example of what it takes to heal. He himself had a neutering mishap and spent months healing. During that time he had to visit several vets, get poked and prodded, and even wear a diaper! He was very good about staying in the moment, taking one day at a time, and continuing each day with a good attitude. It helps our students realize that although healing can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be miserable. We love Fletcher, and recently have celebrated his first birthday! Come by Boulder Psychic Institute and say “hello” to Fletcher!

Written by Michelle Corazao, Office Manager at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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