If a chakra (the way station between our feeling states and our body) is blocked, then so is our ability find that sweet spot of sustained well-being – that feeling state of joy.

We create our life on the energetic level first.  We think a thought, we have a feeling, and then we develop a belief.  Only after all this energetic work has happened do we bring that belief into reality. If our chakras are full of other people’s thoughts and feelings, then we may be living a life that’s out of sync with our Spirit’s idea of what joy means to us.

Clearing foreign energy from our chakras and then bringing them into harmony, allows us to experience our unique version of joy, not someone else’s.

The seventh chakra is a ring of energy, sitting almost like a king’s crown, on top of your head.  Not surprisingly, it is sometimes referred to as the crown chakra.  This chakra sets the tone for all your other chakras. It is also your connection to the Divine.  However you see that God of Your Own Heart, this is your space of communion.  When the seventh chakra is vibrating in a match with the Divine, you are vibrating in a state of knowing your own Spirit.

The work we are doing together is all about helping you to shine brightly, to stand in your truth and beingness.  Being comfortable in your skin.  This journey is about allowing ourselves to be seen for who we truly are and sharing that light with the world.

Written by Della Temple, a BPI graduate who writes, teaches, and heals. She is the author of Tame Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose and Walking in Grace with Grief Meditations for Healing After Loss. Explore her work at http://www.dellatemple.com.

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