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Many say, “Thoughts are things,” and practice affirmations. Commonly, people trade out expressions to favor new uses of language. (For instance, some shy away from “should,” “mankind,” “judgment,” and “can’t.” Instead, they may welcome “wholesomeness,” “humanity,” “discernment,” and “possibilities,” as ways of opening the linguistic landscape.) What lies behind these actions?

Intention is powerful! Intentions shape our lives, and people embrace intentional practices as a means of shifting experiences. While some intentions are consciously crafted, others are not. The above behaviors are motivated by a desire to bring more focus and constancy to the habits that contribute to daily (conscious and unconscious) intentions.

Certainly, these practices yield positive results! However, they can come with a downside. Some practitioners develop rigid rules for themselves (and others). For instance, they may ban people from using various words, or refuse to engage in conversation about topics that are not joyful. Some people even prevent themselves from thinking certain thoughts. This downside is motivated by a fear that noticing something will invite it. However, setting these sorts of conditions limits our abilities to explore ourselves and embrace our wholeness.

Consider an alternative. Look at everything and choose what you wish to validate. Perhaps you notice turmoil in the world, but wish for peace. Without denying the turmoil, you can recognize the possibility for reconciliation, and set an intention for peace. Likewise, within ourselves, we can notice our dark thoughts, heavy emotions, and fears, while simultaneously realizing that we need not identify with them. We can allow all of what we notice, release what doesn’t serve us, and set conscious intentions to experience our dreams.

In this way, we can allow more of our intentions to be conscious. Additionally, we can remain fully present with the experiences of life, whatever they may be. We can look at ourselves and the world without fear, resting easy in both our awareness and our intentions.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at healings.biz.

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