flexible dancer rehearsing on shore of ocean

As beings, we enter each lifetime to grow. Between lifetimes, we happily anticipate the knowledge we will gain by being embodied. Once embodied, though, we hunger to reconnect with our spiritual capacities. Growth involves integrating the learnings that we develop in our physical lives with the knowings that we experience in our spiritual lives.

Life on Earth teaches us about time and space, physical needs and the resources that satisfy them, as well as the importance of developing skills. These lessons show us the value of routines, traditions, and education. The body is validated by perseverance and dedication, which help us to function successfully in established systems. On Earth, we cultivate patience, acceptance, and compassion, as we develop an appreciation of context and perspective.

Spiritual insight, though, offers spontaneity and creativity; it enables us to generate new ideas in order to shift old patterns. Spiritual abilities include intuition, knowingness, and trust. Spiritual events often are surprising, occur beyond time and space, and move us in new directions. In spirit, we value transitions, ideals, and flow. Spiritual resonance encourages cooperation and empathy, and is validated by ease. Spiritual capacity increases our presence and focus, as we expand beyond previously-experienced bounds.

In order to anchor Heaven on Earth, we must discover the balance point that enables these disparate aspects of our lives to harmonize. (How do we pay our bills while living our dreams? Can we appreciate what we have as we move beyond it?) Part of this balance includes embracing the lessons that both aspects of life offer. After all, we, as spirits, must care for our bodies if we wish to gain the perspective that only comes through lived experience. And, the challenges of Earthly life call us to bring even more of our spirited selves forward. This dialogue between our physical and spiritual natures fosters our growth, and moves us into the grace of Heaven on Earth.

Love life! It provides the interplay of physical and spiritual strengths needed to fuel growth!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at healings.biz.

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